The IHMGC Hole In One Club

The fund is being re-established in 2022 Golf year after Andy Super Hole in One.

The IHMGC is running a "hole in one insurance" fund. Here is how it works:

Hole In One Club Members
Starting 2022 Golf Year
Al Kondraschow
Andy Mast
Andy Super
Bill Jarrell
Brian Carpenter
Chuck Nelson
Dale Schmitz
Dan Johns
Dan Williams
Dave Meister
Donald Schumann
Eric Schroeder
Gene Walli
Grant Dixey
Greg Mercier
Greg Turek
Joe Hannon
Joseph Gomez
John Monaghan
Kent Illhardt
Larry Driscoll
Mark Bergren
Mark McDowell
Mark Zolp
Mike Sremaniak
Nhan Truong
Omar Salvador
Randy Beck
Tom Jennrich
Terry Smarsty
Timur Aygun
Victor Matlock
Willie Mendez

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