IHMGC Golf Course List Page

IHMGC Golf Course List

The following is a list of courses that we have in our database. If you play at a course that is not listed below, you must submit a score card to the Substitute Secretary so the course can be entered into the database before your scores/match can be recorded.

We tyically do not play at all the courses listed below. The data in our database for a given course may become out of date over time. So, if you happen to play at one of these courses, please grab an extra score card and send it to the Substitute Secretary so we can keep the database as accurate as possible. Thanks in advance.

Course Name Course No.
Arrowhead 1
Country Lakes 2
Springbrook 3
St. Andrews 4
Village Links (18 hole) 5
Village Links (9 hole) 6
Settlers Hill 7
Naperbrook 8
Belmont Golf Club 9
Fox Bend 10
Old Wayne (9 hole) 11
Old Wayne (18 hole) 12
Cantigny 13
River Bend 14
Prestbury 15
New Fox Valley CC 16
Tamarack Golf Club 17
WesternAcres 18
Prarie Landing 19
Pheasant Run 20
Klein Creek 21
Hughes Creek 22

Last Updated: 9/19/2019