IHMGC Golf Courtesy Page

Golf Courtesies to Speed Up the Play

Some thoughts about league play for your consideration. As you all know, all foursomes would like to finish the round before dark; hence, here are a few suggestions that, if we would apply, could speed up play. Of course, safety and judgement are a must when choosing to apply any of these suggestions.

  1. Arrive at the course in plenty of time to complete your warm up prior to your foursome's tee time.
  2. Limit the number of practice strokes before addressing the ball while on the course.
  3. While awaiting your turn, select your club and take your practice swings.
  4. Minimize the amount of time spent between strokes by walking toward you ball while others in your foresome are taking their strokes (if appropriate).
  5. Per League Rules you have maximum of 2 minutes to find a lost ball.
  6. Always leave your bag, cart, etc. closest to the current green or the next tee.
  7. Hit your next shot when it is SAFE (and you are ready) while your ball lies in another fairway or in a remote rough, hazard, etc. Waiting for the player farthest from the hole to hit results in SLOW play.
  8. Be aware of the gap with the foursome ahead so that you can attempt to keep the gap from growing. Course rangers often ride around making demands on players to speed up play when gaps arise.
  9. When finishing up a hole, replace pin and exit to next tee ASAP.
  10. Tally up scores only after exiting from the 9th green.
  11. When possible, allow the next foresome to hit up toward the green as you contemplate your short game, e.g., putting.
  12. The closest player to the pin and on the green should plan to tend the pin for others in the foresome, when desired.
  13. Sometimes the short game can be expedited if the player currently putting is allowed to finish putting, especially when very close to the hole. Whenever possible, without causing distraction to other foresome members, line up your putt while waiting for others to putt. Putt when you are ready if it will not interfere with other players. Continuous putting is at the discretion of the players in the foresome, rather than marking your ball every time. Be careful not to distract the putter, e.g., by casting your shadow across the line of site to the hole, by making noise, etc.
  14. When just off the green, place your bag or cart closest to the next tee and take both your putter and your "other favorite" club, e.g., chipper, to the ball. This reduces the number of trips to get a club from the bag.
  15. When your ball is in the rough, only spend a reasonable time period in search of the ball. Promptly resume play adhering to league rules regarding dropping a new ball or continuing with existing ball.
  16. Be reasonable about the number of attempts you take to cross a water hazard (e.g. maximum of 2 times). Instead of continuing to attempt crossing the water, use a drop area adjacent to the hazard, when reasonable.
  17. Be helpful to other foursome players by giving guidance when a ball is not readily found; however, don't hold up play while providing this assistance.
  18. When in the sand, position your bag and the rake for quick play. Also, use the rake quickly.
  19. Consider conceding short putts, rather than mark and putt everyone shot. Conceding putts is part of match play and will help speed things up.
  20. Review your leagues rules in an effort to avoid arguments while on the course.
  21. ENJOY yourself, its only a game; the 10th hole offers ice cold refreshments and lively camaraderie or comradery!

Last Updated: 6/12/09